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We constantly strive to understand the requirements of our customers and provide bespoke solutions.
Our processes use best-in-class production and IT systems for seamless delivery. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, including world-class testing facilities, we conduct high-quality checks to put our stamp of reliability and safety on all our products.

Beside bulk cables, we offer pre-assembled cable harnesses that save precious time and a wide range of complex electrification packages tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Harness & electrical packages

Best-in-class production and seamless delivery

Backed by our experience and knowledge, we deliver top-notch products and technologies to our customers through numerous projects around the world.

Cable manufacturing

Expertise in elevator cable design and production for exceptional quality

Harness & electrical packages

Stable, reliable processes ensuring top-grade products and consistent supply

PV ribbons and busbar

Advanced technology tailored to specific solar industry needs

Flat Travelling Cables

We specialise in manufacturing elevator cables, including flat-travelling cables with integrated data elements and specialised optical fibre solutions. Our cables enable seamless installations in limited spaces and ensure high-speed data transmission for essential elevator functions, such as internet access.

In addition to standard EN 50214 elevator control cables, we offer tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Halogen-free Cables

Integrated Plastics or Steel Ropes for Vertical Rises Up To 150m

Shielded Communication Elements

Coaxial Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

Cold-Resistant Flat Cables

Wiring Harnesses

Ensuring safety and efficiency, we prioritise quality in elevator installation. Our streamlined processes and IT system guarantee timely supplies, while our harnesses deliver smooth installation and lasting performance
Reliable wiring harnesses for a wide range of industrial applications

Travelling Cable harness in standard length

Machine Wiring

Controller Wiring

Industrial Machine & Equipment Harness

Rolling Stock & Signalling Harness

Complex Electrification Package

Geba Cables is here to offer total solutions for complex environments. We create just-in-sequence harnesses for each elevator system. We understand the challenges that come with low batch sizes and short lead time. We ensure quality standards and timely delivery of plug-and-play systems.

Wind Energy Cable Assemblies

Solar Cable Assemblies

Data Center Solution

Energy Storage Solution

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