Formerly part of the Gebauer & Griller Group, Geba Cables benefits from 40 years of experience in manufacturing cables, wiring harnesses, complex electrification packages, and PV ribbons.

The group employs around 600 employees, with footprints in Veľké Leváre (Slovakia), Vienna (Austria), and Bangalore (India).

Today, all international providers rely on complete system solutions from Geba Cables.

Our cables and harnesses are represented worldwide in numerous projects. Whether modern buildings, residential complexes, skyscrapers, cruise ships, or historic cityscapes, Geba Cables products move the elevator world.

In India, we are the pioneer manufacturers of PV ribbons and bus bars with superior plasma technology that gives high-quality uniform coating.

Our people are united by professionalism, reliability, and expertise. We strive every single day to provide our clients with specific and tailor-made solutions. If you share our dream of driving excellence, we would like to have you on our side.

Hear what people have said about us

Linda Stanická

Team Leader in Production

Marta Tkáčová

Production Worker

Zita Hajdinová

Team Leader in Production

Anna Zemanová

Production Worker


“Elevators must take passengers to the selected floors safely and quickly. The trend towards increasing urbanization is leading to taller buildings and a variety of media applications in the elevator cabin. Meeting these specific customer needs is our top priority”

Matthias Ungerboeck
CEO, Geba Cables group

“Close cooperation with customers and suppliers in product development, along with active participation in various work groups and standardization committees, ensures high-level technical know-how and the ability to design innovative, customized solutions.”

Dr. Girish Rao
Managing Director – India and Asean

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